My Sister Nikita Didi

I love my sister Niksie the most in the whole wide world. She loves me and cares for me so much. And she supports me in all my ideas, dreams and plans. She always wants me to be safe and she says that she does not want people to hurt me. She also helps me in handling so many things. When she was in India, she took me for outings. She does that when she comes to India. When Ma is busy, she helps me do things. When I had my TEDx talk, Mom was very sick. She told me not to worry and helped me practice my talk.

She clicks my pictures, tells me so many things to read about and when I have my ramp walks, she tells me I can do it and she says, ‘’You will rock it’’ and it makes me feel so confident and I am able to perform well. For other things that I do, she encourages me always. She says that it is so good that I love music and I like it when she says that I have a phenomenal memory for music and other things. When I told Mom that I want to be a model, she supported me and said that I am the best and I can do it.

We discuss so many things about the Covid 19 lockdown. We talk about how it started and how we have to be safe. She says that there is no point blaming others we have to help others. 

She appreciates the Moon Series, Sun Series and Sky Series pictures that I click now days from the rooftop.

In my flashback, I had so much fun with her. We played together in the park and at home, enjoyed the splash pool at home and swimming in the Siri Fort Sports complex, went for holidays and went out eating. I used to trouble her a lot also. I used to chew off the feet of her Barbie dolls and destroy her doll house. She felt upset but she was very patient. I apologize to her whenever we talk of flashbacks but she says its fine and I was small and did not understand then.

Niksie told me that just like my favourite Marvel characters, I also have a superpower. My super power is autism. It makes me confident, hardworking and I can deal with all challenges because of my super power. She says it is absolutely not true that we suffer from autism.

I check on her everyday and she sends me a whatsapp asking ‘’how was your day?’’ It feels good.